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The Yolo Center for Families manages a network of resource centers that provide families with access to a range of programs, services, and information to address the many challenges they face today. The resource center model provides an environment where our staff partners with families to identify their needs, address and resolve issues, and improve lives. This integrated and holistic approach helps decrease barriers that prevent families from accessing important services and programs by providing safe and accessible resource centers to the surrounding community. Our resource center programs and services include mother’s support groups, child development programs, parent support, benefit enrollment, financial coaching, health education, case management, and counseling.

Community Impact

  • Increase social supports for Yolo County families. Our resource centers provide group forums where participants develop healthy and supportive relationships with other group members, decrease social isolation, learn new parenting techniques, increase their education, and become more involved in their community.
  • Over 10,000 unduplicated clients access services each year.
  • Families learn to be a resource to their own members, to other families, to the programs, and to their communities.

Program Success Monitored By

One of the tools that we use is the Family Development Matrix, which is an evidence-based tool developed by the University of California to assess strengths and weaknesses in over 20 domains of family functioning. The family and the case manager are able to identify improvements over time and determine areas of need. Additionally, most of our program track specific target areas that we are able to monitor to determine the effect of our interventions and programs.

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