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The Yolo Center for Families provides services to help assure that every youth has a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment to develop and grow their potential. Our comprehensive approach includes two core strategies: 1). To strengthen the family environment, which provides the foundation for child development and success; 2). Youth-specific services designed to provide the resources and support necessary to thrive in the community and beyond. A central feature is our services for children 0-5 under the Yolo First 5’s Enhanced Family Resource Initiative, which includes case management, child development assessments, enrichment programming, parent education, fresh food distributions, and financial literacy services.

Community Impact

Our case managers offer universal screenings to assess child development at early ages to identify developmental delays and support treatment options to help achieve normal patterns of development.

  • Our Safe School and Health Students program provides over 500 hours of individual counseling to students. The Yolo Center for Families received the California School Administrators Region III award for Partners in Educational Excellence.
  • Our children’s health insurance program enrolls nearly 650 children in health coverage each year.
  • Our ASSETS after school program at Woodland High School serves over 1,000 students each year in over 40 programs. These services range from tutoring and personal counseling to various enrichment clubs and activities such as CAHSEE Bootcamp, Academic Leadership Academy, Fitness Club, and SAT preparation.

In order to consistently provide our vast array of youth services, The Yolo Center for Families must generate at least $275,000 of funding per year. This is not possible without the generous donations we receive from the public. Find out how you can directly impact the lives of youth in Yolo County here.

Program Success Monitored By

We use a variety of evaluation tools to determine the success of our youth services. We track our First 5 program outcomes through CLARA, which is a web-based system used to evaluate the level of improvements for children and families served under the program. Families participating in case management are assessed every 90 days through the Family Development Matrix, an evidenced-based evaluation tool, where the case manager can determine areas of improvement and need through 20 areas of family functioning. Our ASSETS after school program, which is conducted in conjunction with the California Department of Education, has a full evaluation component that tracks individual student participation, services provided, and school-wide improvements in test scores and graduation rates.

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